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Small Foods 2014

Ok people, it's time... once again... to get SMALL!!!

Baltimore's best and only celebration of the delicious world of petite edibles, the annual Small Foods party and contest, is Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 8pm! Please bring your Small Foods offering with plenty to share, and any beverages you wish to consume. It’s going to be a microcosm of deliciousness! Have fun experimenting in your tiny kitchens!

Please read the following carefully as some items have changed…

Small Foods will take place at The Whole Gallery (H&H Building, 405 West Franklin St. 3rd Floor) 

This year's Small Foods event will be hosted by Mickey Dehn and Morgan Phillips, last year's grand prize winners and recipient of the coveted GIANT CAN Of mini-corn! Fabulous musical entertainment will be provided by The John Gumby Jazz Fiasco!

This is a participatory event! 

*If you are not creating an edible entry this year, your entrance fee will be $10.00 at the door. 

*Small Foods contest entrants / gourmets pay only a $2.00 entry fee to participate.

*All proceeds will go to The Whole Gallery for the generous use of their space; Our fabulous band, The John Gumby Jazz Fiasco; and to supporting the cost of this, and future Small Foods events.

H&H Building, 405 West Franklin St. 3rd Floor