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Hacking + Programming continuously aggregates internet cat videos uploaded to social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo, using PHP protocols.  Videos autoplay, one after the other automatically on the site.



Crying at Various Speeds (Max Patch)

This Max patch overlays two videos (using Alpha ch).  The speed of the top video is controlled by movement detected in a camera placed on or near the monitor, making Andre Agassi cry faster or slower.  (He cries more when no-one is around, so more movement=less crying.) 

Touched Radio

Modified walkman radio, can be played like a musical instrument. 

Turntable Tape Player

Plays hand-made tape discs constructed of audio and vhs tapes. 



Modified security video camera creates audio drones based on brightness, darkness, and movement. 


Modified Boom Box

Allows scrubbing of mounted tapes by hand. 

Sample performance set-up using modified projectors and hacked consumer audio gear.