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Video Art & Film

A Turtle & a Robot walk into a bar

Cut out animation created for a collaboratively produced exquisite corpse style feature film in Baltimore, MD.  Due out in 2016.


Butch, is a triptych of three looping videos, each featuring a still portrait of a male professional athlete who is crying animated tears.  His image is superimposed on a live-action video of amateurs playing his sport.

Tennis is a notoriously weepy sport.  But still, this moment brought up a lot of questions for me.  I cry more about sports than anything else. Why?  Vicarious living?  Idealized moments of human triumph and failure?  The imperfect working of mind and body?  Winning big and losing hard?  And then, larger questions emerge:  When is it culturally acceptable for a man to cry in public?  If crying is a show of weakness (therefore anti-macho), then we have an interesting contradiction here: One of the only times we see men publicly crying is in professional sports, perhaps the most male-dominated profession in what still is arguably a very male-dominated society.

On the individual level, a psychological explanation seems clear:  a release of emotion right after an exhausting physical struggle in an emotionally heightened event, one moment in time for which the athlete has spent years, maybe decades preparing.  On a social level, it is such a common occurrence that it suggests that contradictions thrive in the social construction of gender.

The Ends

Created at the end of analog broadcast, The Ends is a 20 min loop of The End title cards sourced from Hollywood films, dubbed onto vhs tapes until The End degrades into noise.

Female Trouble 

music video, The Degenerettes
Directed and edited by Kristen Anchor
Created by The Degenerettes & Huffenswartz 


I'll Pass

80s teen movie Can't Buy Me Love, re-edited and dubbed in to the story of Cindi and Ronni.