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June 6th & 7th at The Windup Space , Red Emma's & Liam's it's Ladyfest Baltimore! A not-for-profit event highlighting the music of feminist and women (cis-women, trans, intersex, genderqueer and all supporters) artists. A significant portion of the money from this Ladyfest will be donated to House Of Ruth Maryland, Inc. Our hope for this event is to create a positive, inclusive, safe, and empowering experience for all those in attendance. This is an ALL-inclusive event meant to bring our diverse and creative community in Baltimore together to combat sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, classism and to support an important cause and enjoy two days of talented individuals!

Ladyfest Bmore will feature two days of bands & DJs, plus daytime workshops and a market of goods. If you're interested in being a part of ladyfest in any way get in touch::

Ladyfest Baltimore will have designated individuals who will be available for attendees to reach out to in case they are experiencing any issues at the event. How to identify these volunteers will be announced shortly. Please, be mindful and kind in your verbal remarks and in your actions. There will be no tolerance for words or actions that cause feelings of marginalization. No sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, ageist, or classist remarks or actions will be allowed. This fest is being put together so those in attendance can enjoy the talent that is being showcased. We want everyone taking part in Ladyfest to have a positive, safe, and FUN experience! 



FRIDAY JUNE 6th @ Windup Space
$7 from 6- 7pm, $10 after

-Trophy Wife (11:25- 11:55) 

-Big Mouth (10:50- 11:15)

-Coup Savage and the Snips (10:15- 10:40)

- Dasher (9:40-10:05)

-Crimson Wave (9:05- 9:30)

-Curse (8:30- 8:55)

-Natural Velvet (8- 8:20)

-Fainting Spellss (7:30- 7:50)

-Sneaks (7pm- 7:20)

- Julie O (6:30- 6:50)

SATURDAY JUNE 7th @ Windup Space and Liam Flynn’s
$12 from 6-7pm, $15 after 

WU- War on Women (12:45-)

WU- Amanda X (12:05-12:30)

WU- Wet Brain (11:25-11:50)

LF- Troubled Sleep (11:05-11:30)

WU- Whore Paint (10:45-11:20)

LF- Degenerettes (10:25-10:50)

WU- Nervosas (10:05-10:30) 
LF- Your Friend (9:45-10:10).

WU- Creepoid (9:25-9:50)

LF- Puff Pieces (9:05- 9:30)

WU- Mr. Moccasin (8:50-9:10)

LF- Lizz King (8:25- 8:50)

WU- Jail Solidarity (8:15-8:35)

LF- Saddle of Centaur (7:40- 8:10)

WU- Thin Lips (7:40- 8)

WU- Glittoris (7-7:25)

WU- Anaya (from Girls Rock!) to open day (starting at 6:30)

Angie Swizz 
Ashley Young 
Jenn Bress 
+ more

Saturday daytime market vendors::
- Shop Esra
- The Laffin' Afro
- + More (get in touch if you'd like to sell!)

Later Event: June 22